Golden Light Seasons Zine, Platform 1B

A collection of poetry by Sebastian Macias with illustrations by Tim Masterson.

Creative Writing ‐ March 2017


Photography portfolio by collective member Quian "Q" Keesee.

Portfolio ‐ August 2016

Morning Rituals

Music to start the day. 30-minute DJ mixes every other week.

Mix Series ‐ August 2016

Poetry of Sebastian Macias

Check out the prose and poetry of Eagle Rock, CA writer Sebastian Macias.

Creative Writing ‐ May 2016

Donuts Now

Find delicious donuts near you with a push of a button.

Mobile App ‐ May 2016

Keep It Stupid Simple (KISS) Grid

An equal column grid framework in 9 lines of CSS.

Dev Framework ‐ March 2016

Android Development Tutorials

A series of video tutorials for Android Development by Jherald Julian.

Video Tutorials ‐ February 2016

Spiritual Bouquet

A group of prayers for a particular intention.

Mobile App ‐ November 2015

JID Beats Website

Website for hip-hop and jazz producer, JID Beats.

Personal Website ‐ January 2015

Coffee Now

Find delicious coffee near you with a push of a button. Design by Ciocan Cornel.

Mobile App ‐ January 2015

Tacos Now

Find delicious tacos near you with a push of a button.

Mobile App ‐ January 2015

Collective Comedown

Two-part DJ mix series released in CD format, including original cover art.

CD Mixtape ‐ December 2014

Life Thankful

Occasional reminders of life's simple blessings.

Mobile App ‐ November 2014

The Developer's Nirvana Fallacy

Embracing the imbalanced relationship between business and technology.

Blog Post ‐ March 2014

Love Music Project

An experiment in music fan behavior using Lean methodologies. Created by Matt Li.

Analytics Website ‐ December 2012